Which are the most biodiverse countries in the world?


Which are the most biodiverse countries in the world? Humans often forget that we are not the only one living in this world. There are a lot of species of animals which we have to save from extinction and there are a lot of plants that we are burning and cutting down like it will not affect us. But nature will find a way to get that back to us. Because, of the respect of nature a lot of scientists and people who love nature, in general, are trying to save it, and they are pressing the countries to do as much as they can with the legislative and the investments. In spite of this fight, there is a small number of countries who managed to preserve the nature life as it should be, and they do their best to preserve the species they have in their territories. These countries we call mega-diverse countries that have enough biodiversity.

Biodiversity includes all of the plants and animals species on the planet with genetic differences with their ecosystems. Of all of the animal species and plants, the mega-diverse countries have to have minimum 5,000 endemic plants and a marine ecosystem. According to Conservation International, there are only 17 countries in this world who fulfill these conditions and their territories put together comprise under 10% of the world’s territory.

Insider Monkey did the research on this topic and they made the list of 10 Most Biodiverse Countries in the World out of the mentioned 17 mega-diverse countries, by comparing how many types of animals (birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles) and plants they have. Australia, which is known for the diverse wildlife, holds the 10th place, as the large country with a lot of territories untouched (and not ruined) by humans, which means that animals and plants can grow and evolve naturally.