Which Are The Most Competitive Economies in Europe in 2016?


Which Are The Most Competitive Economies in Europe in 2016? We could say that Europe is very important part of the world’s economy. But there are countries in Europe which are high developed like Germany or Norway, middle developed like Poland or Slovakia and less developed like Albania or Macedonia. Each of those countries is going through some difficulties because of the world economic crisis. As the global economy is slowing down, it is difficult for political leaders, especially leaders of small and less developed countries, to compete with other bigger and better economies.

In the past several years, Europe has gone through a period of a geopolitical instability. While Russia is trying to regain the influence which it has lost after the collapse of the Soviet Union, many countries in Europe are concerned about their security and trying to enhance their armed forces with the help of the NATO organization. Poland has already declared that it wants to create a Territorial Defence Force in order to create stronger defense along its eastern borders. Speaking about instability which has an impact on the world’s economy, there are also a lot of tensions in Pacific regions, between China and its neighbors, which also have the negative impact on a world economy, by making it more unstable.

But, not everything is so dark. According to Klaus Schwas, the world is at the edge of Fourth Industrial Revolution which will change the economy and the principles of living.  This new stage will force the countries to think outside the box in order to be competitive on a world economic map.

Insider Monkey published an article which lists 10 Most Competitive Economies in Europe in 2016. According to Insider Monkey, Austria stands at 10th position on the list with very good economic indicators. If you are interested in to find out the rest of the list and see which are the most competitive economies in Europe, just visit the site and keep reading this article.