Which are the most expensive candles in the world?


Which are the most expensive candles in the world? Candles used to be very expensive at one point of time. We now know that candles were in vogue even as far back as 200 BC. These were made of whale fat. For the whole of history, candles have mostly been made of fats from different animals. He 18th century saw the use of oils such as colza and rapeseed oils to make candles. The 19th century brought the technologies that could use paraffin wax to produce candles at a much cheaper rate.

The making of candles was a skilled job and Chandlers were in great demand. They would make house calls and make new candles according to the specifications of their customers. Any party given in the household meant a hefty pay packet for the Chandler who would supply the candles for the event. Candles were also highly important in religious functions. But when electricity and lamps became prevalent, the importance of candles automatically diminished. Nowadays, candles are mostly redundant because everyone uses electricity for lighting up their homes. But the charm of candles remains and many people use them for decoration in their homes. Some of these candles remain exceedingly expensive. Depending on the color, shape, size, and scent, candles today come in a large variety. From chocolate to books, candles come in many unique scents, which is their main attraction. Depending on their uniqueness, their prices are also accordingly high.

Jo Malone, Diptyque, and Cire Trudon are three of the priciest candle brands in the world. Jo Malone is based in London and offers a vast collection of different types of candles. The brand is relatively new but has made its mark. One single candle can cost up to $470. Diptyque, on the other hand, is a Parisian brand, and offers a huge collection of candles. Their tuberose and fig tree scents are priced at $295, the most expensive of the brand. One of the oldest candle manufacturers is Cire Trudon, founded in 1643. The company made candles for Louis XIV, so you can bet it makes great candles! One candle can cost up to $105, and they have lovely scents to choose from. If you have a passion for candles, you should check out our list of the most expensive candles in the world. The list is made by analyzing bestselling candles as well as reviews.