Which are the most expensive coach purses in the market?


Which are the most expensive coach purses in the market? Women’s purses stopped being just a place to carry your stuff around a long time ago. Of course, with the time, the appearance of the purse has become more important. Today, when buying the purse, the first thing women pay attention to is the appearance, putting its functionality on the second place. There is the color, the jewels, the size of the purse, the size of the belts etc. But the development of shopping for the purse has gone to the next level, and today people are buying it as a luxurious item, which can cost more than your car or even a house.

The prices of extraordinary and most expensive purses have gone through the roof. We have the rich and the celebrities paying unthinkable amounts to have a small expensive designer purse. And some prices can measure in millions of dollars. Maybe it is a little sad, that they are paying that much money for purses and bags when there are countries whose citizens don’t have clean water and food, but that is the situation that has existed ever since human beings are existing. Getting back on the subject, there are some designers that make purses which we can call “middle class” of purses. These are not affordable to everyone, but with the little bit of saving, most of the employed people can buy one, if they want to buy it. The Coach is one of the producers, that since they started making purses, had made some of them way too expensive even for the richest. But on today’s market, the only ones available are those in the middle class.

So, if you are planning to save up some money to buy a designer bag, you should read Insider Monkey’s article 10 Most Expensive Coach Purses in the Market. At the 10th place on the list is the Coach Mickey Mouse Saddle Bag with the combination of red and black or the combination of green. The price of this purse is $888. To check out the rest of this list, just click on the link above.