Which are the most expensive designer handbags in the world? Have you ever found yourself wondering what are the designers putting in their pieces of clothes and accessories that make them so expensive? For ordinary people, it is hard to comprehend how a bag can be so expensive. It’s just a bag, in which you carry some of your stuff. It is okay if someone likes their stuff to look nice and be fashionable, but the cost of even half a million dollars or more is just exaggerating. Bags are an important item in a life of a human. It has been around for ages but in its basic function. During the years, women made a fashionable object out of it. A pretty important one (next to the shoes). Today, we have a broad choice of handbags, for women and for men. Women are spending dollars and dollars and hours and hours finding the handbags they like that would look good on their outfit.

The designers have used this situation and began to make expensive handbags for which they guarantee quality and looks. When it comes to quality, the choice is yours, just remember that it doesn’t mean that if you pay more, that you will get a quality item. Especially, if you are the type of women that changes outfits a lot and have thousands of pieces of fashion items in your closet. You will buy a bag and wear it out then it will end up in the attic with old stuff. So, maybe you should consider some less expensive designers or the good copies.

If you are still the one that wants to find the designer handbag that costs a little fortune, you should check out the article made by Insider Monkey 10 Most Expensive Designer Handbags in the World in 2016. At the 10th place is Hermès Matte Crocodile Birkin Bag which costs $120,000. Crocodile skin in the fashion industry is obviously very appreciated since a lot of designers use the skin of this magnificent animal to make handbags. In the making of this handbag, the designer used premium metals like palladium silver. It still does not justify the over the top price. To check out the rest of this fashion list, just click on the link above.