Which are the most important historical events that changed the world forever?


Which are the most important historical events that changed the world forever? The course of history does not have to be changed with big events because it can be changed with small events of great importance that will set the things into motion. The world’s situation is always fragile and can be infected with chaos really easy. But not all events are those that will necessarily bring something bad and destructive, they can cause something good and useful. When we talk about history, mostly we are thinking about events that caused some international conflicts.

There are relationships between countries that are constantly potential conflict. Even in the times of peace, there are constant tensions, and small gesture can violate the peace and burst into big conflict, even a war. Especially, if tensions are in the relationships between countries that are very wealthy and have enormous supplies of weapons of war, not to mention atomic and nuclear weapons, the consequences can be catastrophic. We have witnessed big wars that had many casualties, in the number of people and property worth, so we can conclude that any conflict between countries, that can result in war, is not small. They are recorded in history as big events that changed the course.

If you are curious about the historic events that have influenced the world, we recommend that you read Insider Monkey’s article 11 Most Important Historical Events That Changed the World Forever, which will provide you useful information about this subject. Here is a little sneak peak: at the 11th place on the list is Gutenberg and the 1440’s Ingenious Invention. Gutenberg invented the printing press, which was a surface with ink pressed against the paper or cloth which provided precise copies of original work. To check out the rest of this historic list, just click on the link above.


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