Which are the most inspiring moments from the 2017 Golden Globes? The movie industry is a big industry and there is a lot of public interest in movie and television. Besides following what’s new among the movies and TV Shows, people really like the awards. Awards are interesting because everybody has the favorite nominee and there is always a new discovery of the one you haven’t heard of among them. Two biggest and most popular awards in the US are Oscar Academy Awards and The Golden Globes Awards. Both of them are among the most prestigious movie awards. The difference refers to the people who vote and what is the subject of a vote. The Oscars include only movie awards and the right to vote belongs to the 7,000 people who are working in the film industry. On the other side, the Golden Globes includes movie and television awards and the voters are 90 LA-based foreign journalists who are the part of Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

The 2017 Golden Globes were mostly boring, but some parts were interesting. As always there is something inspiring and this year’s awards are no different. If you didn’t find enough time to watch these awards, there is always chance to catch up, but in order to avoid the boredom, we suggest that you check out the most interesting parts by reading Insider Monkey’s article 4 Most Inspiring Moments from the 2017 Golden Globes. At the 4th place is Viola Davis who won her first Golden Globe for the movie “Fences”. At her speech, she mentioned her father who could not read by the time he was 15 and she compared him to the character in the movie Troy who had a story and deserved to be told. This was an inspiring message for the young people. To find out the rest of the list, just click on the link above.