Which are the most popular plastic surgeries in South Korea? Ever since the beginning of the modern plastic surgery, people are obsessed with it. Imagine if you can change everything you hate about yourself, isn’t it great? But there are some consequences. The same surgeons that can make you more beautiful can ruin it with a little mistake because even though it is a plastic surgery it still is a surgery and everything can go wrong in a second. But not everything is so dark, because over the years, the plastic surgery have improved a lot, and there is no as much risk as it was for example in the early 90’s. Also, years ago, these surgeries cost a little fortune, but today it is more affordable to regular people which are maybe the main reason for its worldwide popularity.

Even though you may think that the plastic surgery is the most popular in the United States or maybe in Thailand, still the South Korea holds the first place of the countries with the most plastic surgeries in the world, with Seoul as the global Plastic surgery capital. The Seoul experienced the plastic surgery boom in 1988 after the Olympic Games. Today, 74 of 10,000 people in South Korea had plastic surgery. The South Korea is also known for the plastic surgery tourism because, in 2014, 266,501 foreigners visited South Korea for a medical treatment.

Since the plastic surgery is extremely popular, there are different kinds of surgeries, among which some are more popular than others. In order to find out more about plastic surgery in South Korea, we recommend that you read Insider Monkey’s article 10 Most Popular Plastic Surgeries in South Korea. At the 10th place on the list is Hair Transplantation with the number of 7,436 surgeries. This surgery consists of transplanting follicles from one part of the body to another part where it is needed the most. To find out the rest of this list, just click on the link above.