Which are the most profitable Kindle niches and categories?


Which are the most profitable Kindle niches and categories? Kindles have taken the book world by storm and while the jury is still out on the debate between whether paper or digital books are better, Kindles are here to stay. Traditionalists prefer hardbound books and indeed, it is a pleasure to have hardbound copies of your favorite books. Paperbacks too have their uses. A Kindle makes your life easier, especially if you are a voracious reader. With one, you save both space and money. In the end, the best way is something in between for most people. If you are an author, you might find the traditional publishing methods too competitive and tiresome. Amazon offers self-publishing options on Kindle, and they are cheaper and easier. They can also have the same kind of exposure to publicity through social media platforms. The number of e-books sales decreased in 2015, but it is still an important medium for authors.

Before publishing an e-book, you ought to think about some relevant issues. These include focusing on the target audience and the scope for making money out of your art. If no one is going to buy your work, then there is no point in making writing your career. For this reason, you ought to know more about what genres and categories are more profitable in Kindle self-publishing.

The most profitable Kindle niches and categories include literature & fiction, comics & graphic novels, and mysteries & thrillers. Literature & general fiction is the category offering the most scope for new authors. Great fiction can remain popular for a long time, sometimes even centuries. With a great story, you can make your name as an author. Another category to consider is graphic novels. If you have any kind of skill with art and storytelling, you ought to consider bringing out a graphic novel. Mysteries & Thrillers are a classic genre that enthralls and interest people on a large scale. If you know how to keep the suspense, you can become the next Agatha Christie. Or close, because she is beyond compare!

To know more about profitable categories of books, do check out our list. It has been compiled with reference to K-Lytics and Amazon data. The factors considered are sales volume, rank momentum, price realization, competition, and effort. Go through the list and take a look for more detailed information.


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