Which are the most ridiculous and weird laws in the world?


Which are the most ridiculous and weird laws in the world? We guess that at least once on the internet you have read the article about some outrageous laws somewhere in the world. And you probably asked yourself why would anyone with a sane mind write something like that. Well, you shouldn’t believe everything you read. Today there is a lot of content on the world wide web and you have to know what to believe. Yes, maybe these ridiculous laws have existed at some point but not anymore or they are misinterpreted by the writer of the article.

We have read about the laws that forbid that you take off your socks when you go to sleep or that you can’t flush a toilet in the evening in Switzerland etc. These examples may have made themselves bigger than they really are. No, it is not true that you cannot flush a toilet in the evenings in Switzerland, that would in great measure violate your constitutional and human rights. The truth is that the rental law is not concretized and contains general regulations that are differently interpreted by landlords. Maybe some landlords have made their own rules which you can or cannot follow but it is not forbidden by law.

Besides these not so true examples, there are laws that seem ridiculous and weird, but they have a background and the real reason why are they passed. They have a foundation in maybe traditional or religious rules that had to be forbidden or it is simply bad for the overall functioning of the city or country. We suggest that you read article made by Insider Monkey, 10 Most Ridiculous and Weird Laws in the World and find out a little bit more about this topic. At the 10th place is the law “Pick up the trash, but not too early in Sandy Springs, Georgia, USA”. It is forbidden to pick up the trash before 7 AM because of the noise reduction in this city. One sanitation worker ended up in jail for 2 weeks because he did his job a little bit early.