Which are the most ridiculous lawsuits, settlements, and victories of all time?


Which are the most ridiculous lawsuits, settlements, and victories of all time? Law is designed to protect us. It is often misused by those in power and loopholes are being used every single day to keep the elite away from consequences of their actions. However, the law can also be silly occasionally and those who know how to take advantage of the law for their own ends can really twist the meaning, leaving their victim hapless.
Companies often face lawsuits on trivial matters. But we can’t really have the same kind of sympathy for a giant conglomerate that we would and should have for an individual. But often, company portray themselves as something they are not and are caught napping when they should be providing good customer service. This is where their detractors catch them out and make good money out of them.

But some of these lawsuits should never have come to court, let alone been entertained by a judge. Some of them are so silly that you wonder who could have thought up something that appears so blatantly like a prank. Perhaps that was their aim and they just ended up winning! Or maybe they were just greedy. Whatever the case, these cases are interesting and possibly also a good lesson to all of us. Some of the most ridiculous lawsuits, settlements, and victories of all time include the cases of Red Bull, haunted house, and ugly wife. My favorite would be the Red Bull lawsuit, which was settled for US$ 13 million. The Red Bull gives you wings motto proved expensive for the company when a man sued the company for not sprouting wings after drinking Red Bull. Another interesting case pertains to a haunted house when a man who purchased such a house sued the seller. He won the case and the court actually ruled that any ghosts in the precinct must be disclosed to the prospective buyers before purchase. Not sure how this one can ever be proved!

One of the most ridiculous cases came up when a Chinese man won a compensation of USD 120,000 when he accused his wife of producing ugly children. His wife claimed to have had plastic surgery. The story has been debunked now but the wife has now filed a lawsuit of her own for appropriating her name and face. Let’s see who wins this battle! There are more such ridiculous stories on our list, which has been compiled from Business Insider and Washington Times.