Which are the most successful beauty youtubers?


Which are the most successful beauty YouTubers? Remember the simpler times when you didn’t have to put on as much makeup and just be natural. Today, even natural look isn’t natural, because today’s natural look means natural makeup, which takes as much time putting on as any other heavy makeup. If you add to that the various choices of manufacturers and various beauty products, you pretty much get lost in this entire “becoming beautiful” thing. But, luckily, there is the internet, which comes to our rescue, as always. There are a lot of tips on the internet, but if they are in the form of text, maybe you will be lost again. So, the best way to put makeup on is by watching a video of someone putting on a makeup while explaining how to do it. All of that you can see in the beauty video channels.

This business opportunity was seen on time by some of the makeup experts and talented girls. They found the way to create a job and make a salary. Today, there are a lot these types of channels and the best site for that is YouTube which is a great way to show your work on the internet if you know how to attract the viewers. And these ladies who founded these channels, certainly know how to do it. They do it simply by using the names of the famous celebrities. Which young girl doesn’t want to have a makeup like Rihanna or any of the supermodels? That is why beauty YouTubers promise you that they will show you how to put on a makeup to look just like them.

On the other hand, for you as a viewer, it is hard to find good quality YouTube beauty channels to watch. If you are interested which are the most popular and successful beauty YouTubers in the world, check out Insider Monkey’s article 11 Most Successful Beauty Youtubers in the World. At the 11th position is the channel of the YouTuber, Michelle Phan. It was created in 2006 and it has 1,295,839,370 views and 8,773,417 subscribers. Michelle makes approximately $15,000 a month. To check out the rest of the list of the most successful beauty YouTubers, click on this link above.


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