Which are the most successful countries in tennis?


Which are the most successful countries in tennis? Tennis can be an interesting sport for those who prefer non-team sports. The action is quick and everyone is back on play fast even if the ball goes out of bounds. Tennis has a lot of fans around the world, and it is truly the only popular world sport that has powerful female sportspersons who are just as popular and well-known as the males. Even men watch women play tennis, so the sport has got something right when it comes to equal rights.

Playing tennis is no joke. Though the people we watch onscreen seem to play effortlessly, we need to watch them a little closer and see the amount of power they bring to each shot. Speed, accuracy, agility, and excellent hand-eye coordination are skills that tennis requires. These skills can be developed over time with proper training, but some tennis players will always remain the best because of their innate talent.

Tennis has several prestigious tournaments that take place around the year and is hosted in different countries. The Australian Open is held in Melbourne every year in January, kicking off the first major tennis tournament of the year. After this, there is the French Open in May and June, which is held in Paris. Wimbledon takes place in London immediately after the French Open during June and July. The US Open is the last of the major tournaments and is held during August and September in New York. Though these tournaments are hosted only in certain countries, they are world tournaments and players from all the countries can compete in them. These four comprise the Grand Slam tournaments, but there are also other tournaments that are quite popular with tennis fans. The most successful countries in tennis are USA, Spain, and Switzerland. Serena Williams is the number one player in women’s singles. Other great American players in the past were Andre Agassi, Pete Sampras, and Andy Roddick. All this has made US one of the best tennis-playing nations. Spain has Rafael Nadal, and the country ranks second in the list.

Switzerland also has its own Roger Federer and has a rich tennis tradition with players like Martina Hingis, Stan Wawrinka, and Patty Schnyder. To know more about the most successful countries in tennis, do consult our list. It has been compiled with data from ESPN and is based on the results of the last decade.