Which are the safest countries for expats?


Which are the safest countries for expats? Irrespective of which country you are from, traveling is fun. But traveling doesn’t just need to be done during the holidays. It can be a great experience to live in another country for a while and soak in the local culture. Who knows, you might just be destined to live somewhere else in the world!

If you have the necessary skills and are willing to learn new languages, then starting a brand new life in a completely new place can be exciting. More and more people are making this choice, though some countries are more preferred than others. A number of factors are considered when people choose a country to move to, the most important among being the safety of the country. If safety is your primary concern when choosing a country to live in as an immigrant, then you should consider places like Singapore, Japan, and Indonesia. All the countries on our list are in Asia or Europe, so you know which direction you should be looking towards immigrating.

Singapore tops the list of safe countries in the world. The country is quite expensive to live in, but the high salaries compensate for the cost of living. Other attractions offered by Singapore are its excellent healthcare and education systems. Most people speak English and crime rate is low. It’s an excellent place to work and live!
Japan has one of the best infrastructures in the world. Jobs are easily available, and citizens have access to the best in healthcare and education. The local culture is intriguing, and you can round up your evening with a bowl of soba noodles – every single day! You might, of course, have to learn Japanese, but that’s a small sacrifice to make!

If you want a country where the cost of living is low, then you should consider being an immigrant in Indonesia. The country has a rich and diverse local culture. The warm climate is, of course, a draw for those whose main aim is to leave the winter behind. To get more suggestions about the safest countries for expats, consult our list. It has been compiled with reference to Expat Explorer, World Economic Forum, The Global Economy, Nation Master, and Global Study on Homicide. The countries are ranked according to the lowest homicide and kidnapping rates.