Which are the top high end retail clothing stores in America?


Fashion industry nowadays is now one of the most important industries in the world, but have you ever thought about which are the top high and retail clothing stores in America? However, experts think that high-end customers won’t be affected by the rising prices of gas, food and basic household products, and should continue to lavishly spend money on luxury clothing and accessories.

One of the most famous designers that have to be on the list is Escada. The company was founded in 1975 and is famous for designs based on unusual combinations of colors and patterns, exclusive embroidery and knitted products. Another one that is also on the top of high and retail clothing stores in America is Giorgio Armani. The Armani clothing brand is also on the Forbes list of the most powerful brands. The company designs and retails leather apparel, accessories, watches, jewelry, eyewear, and home interiors. People are willing to spend a fortune on clothes, especially women. Just remember Carrie, the main character of the very famous tv show “Sex and the City” when she said that sometimes she was able to starve for days, but she would buy a “Vogue”, and that would be her food. Today people think that to have glamor expensive handbag or expensive shoes, and they are prepared to pay a lot of money for just one pair of precious shoes. Most of these famous and luxury brand produce very costly clothes and shoes. Quality is their main feature. Nowadays there are many clothing stores around the globe that have not so much expensive clothes, and they are available to most people. The quality of these clothes may not be their main quality, but affordable prices are. Statistics shows that every woman at least once during their lifetime decide to buy a pair of expensive shoes, so this is the proof of how powerful fashion industry is nowadays.

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