Which are the worst lottery winner horror stories?


Which are the worst lottery winner horror stories? Each and every person on this planet (maybe not the millionaires) has imagined how it would be like to win a lottery. It is simple, buy a lottery ticket, win millions and make your life wonderful and stress-free without worries about the money. Most of us even went into an argument of what to do with this imaginary money you got. But what if you really win the lottery? How would you spend it for real? Guess most of us don’t really know until it hits us. Some lottery winners have made the best out of it. They donated some money and invested the rest of the money into a business, providing for their whole family. Beside these nice life changing stories, there are the ones that are not so impressing. Actually, they are very sad, showing the side of human nature that is not so respectable.

Some lottery winners have proved that they don’t deserve to have a lot of money. Never. First mistake people are making is to take all the lottery money at once, instead of annuity checks. There is a reason why some people cannot have a lot of money because they can’t handle it. You have to have a strong personality and strong discipline to handle big amounts of money and of course some kind of experience or talent to deal with money. The problem with the lottery winner is that most of them don’t have anything of the above. So, when you put a big amount of money into hands of people that can’t handle it, you get a disaster. Some of the worst cases, in a short period of time, spend all the lottery money and got themselves in debts that they end up spending money that they had before the lottery and even selling all their belongings to pay the debts. How can someone spend so much money in such a short period of time? Well, they find a way, even though we think is at the edge of impossible.

Even though the chance of you winning the lottery are tiny, you should inform yourself about how far the people’s greed and ignorance can go, just that you can learn from their mistakes. Insider Monkey made an interesting article 11 Worst Lottery Winner Horror Stories: Problems With Winning The Lottery. The 11th position on their list belongs to lottery losers Thomas & Denise Rossi. Denise won the $1,336,000 in the California State Lottery and tried to hide it during the divorce trial. To check out what happened to this couple and to see the rest of this list, just click on the link above.