Which Asian Countries Are the Least Favorite All Around the Globe?


For some people, Asians look the same. They are obviously only referring to Koreans, Japanese and Chinese people. On the other hand, there are people who are not the fan of Asia in general because of all the wars out there, that are threatening to spread all over the globe. Also, more liberal and democratic countries find the Asians strange because of their culture and diminished rights and refer to them as the 18th-century civilization. Hatred is the too strong word for us, which is why we will devote this article to find out which Asian countries are the LEAST FAVORITE all around the globe.

To find this out, we will rely on Insider Monkey’s research team that made a great effort compiling the list of 10 most hated countries in Asia. As expected, this list wouldn’t be reliable if they missed out on countries such as Syria, India, and China. To be honest, if there wasn’t for China, there wouldn’t be that affordable and developed technology offered to every person in the globe, since the hand-made pieces for our devices would cost us much more if they weren’t made in China, which offers much lower paychecks to their workers and developers. But this leads us to the next question: although this may fit us, but how unlucky are people living in China in this conditions? Of course, there isn’t a citizen in China who is brave enough to go against their authoritarian system since the consequences are too scary to even thinking of. Citizens of China don’t have freedom of speech, religion, or association. But the worse thing is that they don’t even have rights to have another baby. This is why many of them are trying to escape from there and start on their own in some European country. Although some people are sick and tired of their presence, their retail stores are never going down because of the low expenses.

So what countries are also on the list of 10 most hated countries in Asia?