Which big lottery winners did not waste their money?


Once you get to know which big lottery winners did not waste their money, you will have more faith in humanity.

Winning lotteries can be a big thing. All the odds are stacked against you and if you do win, it is an unbelievable experience. Another big aspect of this experience is that you suddenly get a lot of money. Often times we hear stories of big lottery winners who end up with a worse life than the one they had before the win. A lot of people buy expensive items and quickly burn through the money. Most of them waste most of their winnings on unnecessary extravaganza. But every now and then, we hear stories of people who manage to use the money in a better way. Harold and Elaine Messner opted for an early retirement and they have lived a very quiet life after winning $166.5 million. Some other people have gone a little extra. Les Robins won $111 million in 1993 and he decided to do things. So, he opened up a day camp for kids. He has so far managed to run the organization quite successfully. The Weir couple has donated to local development. They also sponsored spine surgery for a kid and they have opened up a charitable trust. Despite winning almost $300 million, Cindy and Mark Hill have stayed humble and they kept their community in mind. They funded different underfunded facilities like the fire service and public recreation. They helped build a fire station and a ball park. They also donated to their Alma Mater.

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