Which Brass Instrument Should You Start With?


You may be talented for playing some instrument and were planning to take some instrument lessons, or you are already playing some other type of instrument and would like to try out something different, for example, some brass instrument, but you don’t know which brass instrument should you start with? We are here to help you make that decision!

I personally believe that piano is the easiest instrument to play, which is why my unsuccessful musician career started with that instrument. If you learn which chord goes where every other instrument similar to this should be a piece of cake for you. After I have mastered my finger skills and played, of course, ‘’For Eliza’’, I wanted to try something more challenging so I took a trumped. It seemed easy, as it had only three buttons, but, as a matter affect there are other factors for producing the right tunes. Besides pressing these three buttons, you also have to master your blowing and lips skills, because all tunes are produced by buzzing lips compiled with these three buttons, that are actually called valves. As the capacity of my lungs is not that high, and after few chords, was feeling like I had a stroke, I decided that the best thing was to give up and start playing something else. The one thing that I didn’t know is that bigger brass instruments, such as baritone or helicon, were much easier to play. Because they are enormous, I though they are much harder to handle. Obviously, I was wrong. I might look funny, as I am not that tall, with that big instrument holding in my arms, but I would learn them quicker than I did it with trumped. And really, they wouldn’t be carried around by the members of some marching band if they weren’t lighter than they seem. To round this topic up, don’t be afraid to start with bigger instruments, as the size doesn’t have anything to do with the quick and easy learning. If you still want to try some brass instrument, check out this list of 6 easiest brass instruments to play in band.