Even though it is always advised to get a good education to have a prosperous career, you should still know which careers are the best if you do not have any education.

It is sad that no country in the world has managed to ensure its citizens complete access to education even though it is a basic human right. While efforts are being made to educate entire population, you should still stay informed about the options for people who are unfortunate enough to not get educated. With some training and practice, any experienced worker in these career options can also make a decent living.

The career options available for uneducated or less educated people are more labor intensive than service sector jobs. For example, if you are strong enough, you can find a wide variety of jobs in construction. People can work as plasterer where they will be required to do some heavy lifting. Same goes for concrete or cement masons. You can also lay tiles or marble mosaics or work in plumbing. Another labor intensive sector that does not require much formal education, is mining. If you are skilled with machinery, you can handle mining equipment like drills and other loading and carrying machinery. You can also try your luck out in the sea as sailors of cargo ships. Two other sectors where you require a lot of skill but not necessarily much education is athletics and art. If you practice long and hard and perfect your capabilities, you can shine as a sportsperson or artist. We quite often come by stories of people who have defied odds of lack of education to do well in sports and different fields of art.

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