Chromebooks are very high in demand now and so, if you are planning on getting one, you should know which Chromebook apps are the best for college.

Even though Chromebooks do not have a lot of internal storage, it covers it up with its integration with many Google services. This means, these laptops are very handy for college students. While offering longer battery life, it also has quicker charging system and this means this is quite suited for the quick and busy student life.

If you are looking for apps to make your Chromebook super useful, you must get Google Hangouts. Similar to other online communication apps, Hangouts provide the facilities to make online audio and video calls. You can also do group conversations and most importantly, it allows you to go live on YouTube. So, it’s quite helpful to do group discussions and also host online lectures. You can also get Google Docs for the countless group works a college student needs to do. It allows file sharing and collaborative editing and that means multiple members can work on the same file and get the work done quicker. Also, you will not need to worry about your devices crashing with your important work because all the changes are stored in the cloud. To make your life easier, you can also get Prezi, which is a great flash based presentation making software. If you are facing trouble properly referencing your documents, you should also get EasyBib that helps you to provide accurate references and avoid accusations of plagiarism. You should also get MyStudyLife to plan your life better amid all the chaos.

There is a long list of handy Chromebook apps that you should get as a college student. To check out the best options, read Insider Monkey’s 7 Best Chromebook Apps for College to go through their list.