Which Church Has the Highest Number of Followers?


Although the number of atheists is on the rise, it doesn’t mean that churches are empty on a Sunday morning. So, do you know which church has the highest number of followers now?
Personally, I am not one of those people enjoying their Sunday mornings in a church and personally prefer meat and yogurt on Wednesday or Friday instead of fasting. My Sunday morning actually starts at noon, since my kid is at his grandparent’s house on the weekends, which means that, during these two days, I get to be a lazy teenager like I was in high school.  Besides, I am not that into religion anyway. I am not saying that there isn’t a higher force or that I am a complete atheist, but the thing is that if I had to choose between going to church and praying before bedtime and hiking although I am totally afraid of the heights, guesses who would be on Mount Everest tomorrow?
But there are many people who don’t share my view and are highly addicted to religion, like, for example, people from Seoul in Korea. Speaking of Korea, The Yoldo Full Gospel Church is actually our today’s topic since we were about to talk about the church with the highest number of followers. When David Yonggi Cho founded this church back in 1958, he probably couldn’t even assume that it would be that much visited a few decades later. Nowadays pastor, who is actually only the second pastor of this church, is now receiving about 480,000 visitors per a week, only in Seoul. But Korea is not the only country where The Yoldo Full Gospel Church is placed. It also has a branch in the US. This might be a funny comparison, but they are spreading just like malls, don’t you think? If you like this topic, there is even detailed and more researched work on Insider Monkey about it and it is about not just the country with the highest number of followers, but even 10 largest churches in the world by membership. So click on the link and get yourself into it.