Which Cigarette Brand Is the Least Harmful?


Cigarette industry plays a great role in the economy of every country as they are among the most expensive supplies people pay for every day. Besides the expenses, consuming cigarettes comes with one more disadvantage and that is damaging the health. The most common condition that is affected because of the cigarette consumption is the lungs cancer, but it seems that people don’t pay that much attention to it until some of them get it. On the other hand, there are the ones that are aware of all the illness, but seem like they can’t quit smoking, which is why they turn to cigarettes with a lower concentration of nicotine and tar, which is why we wanted to find out which cigarette brand is the least harmful.

According to every survey in the last couple of years, Marlboro is on top of the list of the best cigarette brand in the world and its value is estimated to $67,52 billion in their worldwide production. If you look at the other sources and other data, you will find out that, based on the annual production, cigarette industry produces 1,000 cigarettes per every human being on the Earth, including children. If you would take a better look and realize that it is about 50 packs per a year, this doesn’t sound much. But if you would count it better and exclude children as consumers, and non-smokers, how many packs of cigarettes is produced annually for every smoker?

As strange as it seems, but cigarette consumption is said to lower the risk of Parkinson disease. But if you don’t have any genetic predispositions for it, why would you risk getting any other disease that is proven to be contributed by smoking? As I am an experienced smoker, I won’t spend either yours or my time on telling you to quit smoking, as I probably won’t ever do it, but you can at least start smoking some healthier ones. And when I say healthier, I mean weaker, with lower nicotine and tar concentration. Some of the cigarette brands also came up with the idea of special filters that lower the chances of illness and damage were done to your body and the whole system in general. If you are willing to do it, here are 7 cigarette brands with lowest tar and nicotine.