With the rise of expensive and luxurious fashion brands for all genders, you should know which clothing brands for men the most expensive.

Even though it is often said that brands charge higher price only because of the name, it is not entirely true. These brands test lots of ideas regarding production and design, and they ensure better quality fabric, stitching and finishing. Their products stand out in the crowd and have good longevity. So, it is not a waste of money to spend on brands.

But, still the prices of the top brands tend to be prohibitive in nature and only a select few can regularly purchase clothing from the branded outlets. The average retail price of the products available under their name is over $2,500 and Hermes, the most expensive brand, can charge nearly $7,500 for an item. Most of these brands are popular names and European, as the people of that continent have managed to initiate and dictate the trends of fashion throughout the recent centuries. Brands like Dolce & Gabbana and Fendi also have other segments for men and you can find perfume, watches, accessories and clothing under the same roof. Kiton is a top option for suits as they are known to be one of the leading brands for men’s suits. And you can take a look at Versace’s products if you like or would like to try out leather accessories with your clothing. And you can thank Brioni for introducing men’s clothing to fashion show runways as a part of their journey to become one of the top and most expensive brands for men.

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