There are some things we learned through all this years- the name and looks sell! That is why some very good brands such as Pepsi had to change its name from Brad’s drinks. You would say that that’s nothing important, but just this one change increased the rating of this one of the most popular drinks nowadays. Besides that, there are several, a bit more important reasons the names are changed such as a bad publicity or experience.

Like any other change, it the owners can sometimes have the benefits, but sometimes it becomes a disaster. Not everyone wants to try out new things if there are some items already checked and fit perfect for them. If the refreshed brand with totally different name doesn’t publish that news enough, there is a possibility that its rating will soon start to fall down and many customers can be lost. Let’s take again the PepsiCo for example. If the brand started as a Pepsi, which sounds really good and have all the chances of industry rise, and after a while is changed to a ‘’Brad’s drinks’’, there is 90% if possibility that it would soon be forgotten and the factory would fall apart. And why is that? ‘’Pepsi’’ is an unique name which sounds special and strong, unlike the ‘’Brad’s drinks’’. The other one is more ‘’home-made’’ drink, made by some villager in modest conditions for his own needs and sold to others because of the good flavor. But it definitely couldn’t earn big money.

The name that actually sells is unique and specially created by the investors so it could never be linked to something else. It should never use some usual words or phrases, or for example the name of an object. Of course, there are some examples such as Jack Daniels, but besides being good and strong drink, it is also very well published and designed so it can attract the customer.

But there are corporations that can’t be saved neither with the change of the recipe, nor with the new design or name.  You can find the examples of 5 name changes that did nothing to help these companies on Insider Monkey. Check them out if you have the time.