Quickly after it was developed in a dorm room, Facebook became one of the leading social networks in the world. That helped Mark Zuckerberg gain enough wealth to buy over every other company that he wanted and that is exactly what he did. Zuckerberg obviously has a sixth sense for a good deal and that helped him to pick companies that he would invest in and, after a while, that brands really risen from the ashes and gave him back more than 200% of the invested money. Since Facebook is the third most visited website according to Alexa, there is no doubt that every company in the world would be eager to be acquired by Facebook, no matter how successful they are. Besides the taking over part, Facebook made a great deal with partnerships with Skype and Zynga to enhance user experience in video calling and gaming.

And do you know which company got the most money from Facebook, Inc? It was WhatsApp. As Mark Zuckerberg understood how important the role of smartphones in every person’s life is, he and his team decided in 2014 that it was the best solution to invest $19 billion dollars to take over WhatsApp in order to get the access to their database. That also led to WhatsApp reporting 1 billion users by the end of the third quarter of 2016.

To be honest, Facebook, Inc wouldn’t be as successful as it is if it just stayed the way it was when it was developed in 2004. If it just stayed on posting links and chat, it probably wouldn’t last long. But the good deals, such as acquiring FriendFeed that allowed Facebook users to track their friend’s updates from other social networks, make Facebook much more upgraded and desirable. I don’t know if you’ve noticed by now, but every time people think that Facebook became boring and that there is no reason to spend that much time on it, it comes out with some new feature that makes you spend even more time on the Facebook than you did before. Many of those features were taken from some of the companies Facebook acquired. And do you know what are 11 biggest companies acquired by Facebook?