Which companies you didn’t know were run by women?


Which companies you didn’t know were run by women? Woman rights are definitely different from country to country, especially if we see the situation through business environment. In some countries, women occupy fewer leading positions, get elected less often and in worst scenarios gets paid less than man. These problems are most often represented in nondemocratic and religious countries. We believe that you are thinking about some countries from the Middle East, but women have no rights in Europe also. For example, women in Moldova, get elected less often because of bigots who criticize them for not being married. It seems that gender discrimination is blooming all over the world.

It is generally known that women get less chance to occupy leading positions at companies but there are some exceptions where women succeeded and got to the top. Here is some statistic for you, According to Catalyst, women are currently holding 23 of the CEO positions at the companies. Those companies are General Motors, Mylan, Xerox, Ventas, Reynolds American, Oracle Corp, Duke Energy Corp, Staples, The Progressive Corp, Lockheed Martin Corp, Occidental Petroleum Corp, Tegna, Yahoo, KeyCorp, Campbell Soup, PepsiCo, General Dynamics, CMS Energy, Sempra Energy, Ross Stores, IBM, Mondelez International, and HP Enterprise.

Insider Monkey has published an article about 5 Companies You Didn’t Know Were Run By Women. At the 5th spot on this list is Lockheed Martin Corporation which is run by Marilyn Hewson. She started to work in this company in 1983, where she hold multiple positions like President and Chief Operating Officer, Executive Vice President and more. Today she is current CEO of this company and the 20th powerful woman in the world according to Forbes 2015. If you want to discover other women from the list, click the link above and read the whole article on Insider Monkey.