Which Company Offers the Best Maternity Leave Policies?


Like adaptation to spreading your little family of two to three isn’t hard enough, some mothers also have to struggle with keeping their jobs just because they brought a new life. The US law still doesn’t guarantee neither some financial help nor the obligation of the employers to save the job position for the mother after she gives a birth and the employers in the whole country are taking as much advantage of this fact as they can. This is why, if you plan to spread your family someday, you have to be very careful when you choose your next job and pick the one with the best policy for the new parents. And which company offers the best maternity leave policies?

Usually, even if mothers get some time off after birth, it is just some short period of time and it is considering a vacation, which is, of course, underpaid. Now tell me something, is taking a few weeks off, and that is only under the condition that the baby is breastfed, enough? Of course not. As a parent of a very young child, I must say that, even after 18 months after my baby was delivered, I am still struggling sometimes with balancing between household chores, work, and spending time with my child. And imagine the struggle when you only have few weeks to put your child on their feet and hand it over to some stranger to take care of him or her. The worse thing is that they will create a strong bond with each other and there is no way of replacing the babysitter ever again. So imagine the sadness of the mother who loves her child the most, but he or she keeps coming back to someone who was only paid to take care of him or her and start avoiding his or her own mother because of it.

And what about the foster parents? Like it wasn’t already hard enough for them not to be able to have their own child and now they even don’t have the opportunity to get to know and take care of the one they adopted. They are usually considered to get their child on the plate and that there is no need for helping them in any sense. They are only getting the one big heartless ‘Congratulations!’ and the list of chores for the rest of the week.

But there are some family-oriented corporations that understand that their employees, besides being experts in their fields are also humans and try to offer as many benefits as they can to them. So here is the list of 10 companies with the best maternity leave policies for you to check out before you take the next step in your private life.