Which Company Offers the Best Paternity Leave Benefits?


Although the equality is already accepted in 90% of countries worldwide, there are still some ups and downs when it comes to getting leaves from the job. People are considering fathers to be at work all the time, while mothers are supposed to be at home with children at least until they grow up enough to be babysat by someone else. But sometimes, mothers work in such an environment that they are not allowed to take that much time off and have to get back to work as soon as the baby is born. And with whom baby stays in that case? Well, some family-oriented families understand this kind of struggle and also the fact that some fathers don’t want to miss their child’s first year because of the all big changes that are happening during the first 12 months. To make them spend as much time at home as they can, many companies nowadays offer paternity leaves to its employees. But even though these companies are considered to be much understanding than the others, it is still quite difficult to find the ones that offer the similar conditions to fathers as they do to mothers. So let’s find out which company offers the best paternity leave benefits and what kind of benefits are we talking about here.

If talking globally, the US newlyweds and young parents far behind and experience much more disadvantages than the rest of the world. There is no any law that guarantees some benefits to neither parents nor newborn and, unless parents choose some company that has causal in the contract that they will have the paid time off after giving a birth, there are high chances that they will end up unemployed after having a child. Some companies offer some short time off to the mothers only under the condition that they are breastfeeding and their time off means only a few days or weeks before getting back to work. During that time, they are considered either sick or on vacation, which is why their salary is way lower than it should be. This brings us to the next issue: the foster parents and fathers. Imagine what happens to people who just adopted a child or fathers who lost their wife during the labor. No one is paying attention to them, their big adaptation in life and schedule, and not to mention the adoption towards the child.

Fortunately for them, some companies have the empathy towards everyone, including foster parents and fathers of the newborn babies. In fact, some of them are taking the better care when it comes to fathers than the mothers, because they completely understand that conditions are way worse if fathers have to take paternity leaves instead of mothers. And that’s why you have to take each clausal into consideration when choosing your next job because everything counts when it comes to mixing your job and personal life. And here are 10 companies that offer the best paid paternity leave benefits.