Which countries are having the fastest decline in population?


As a sincere citizen of the world, you should know which countries are having the fastest decline in population.

Even though it is predicted that the population of the world is going to increase by more than 2.5 billion in the next 34 years, this is not going to happen because of the rise in population in all countries. In recent times, the global growth has slowed down because of awareness about health and reproduction. And there are some countries in the world that are currently going through negative growth. This means the annual birth rate of that country is lower than the mortality rate and the population count is going down. And the rate of decrease is quite astonishing. Andorra, the country with the fastest decline, is observing an annual decrease of 3.61%. This has happened because of high life expectancy but few births.

More employment and career options for women in Europe mean that they now marry late and/or decide to conceive fewer babies. So, the list of countries with declining population is dominated by European countries. Another key reason for population decrease is a high rate of migration because of economic or political reasons. Syria and Ukraine have seen a fall in numbers because of the prolonged civil wars in both the countries. Smaller countries like Georgia, Latvia, and Serbia cannot ensure good facilities to all the citizens and people move out of the country in search of better opportunities. Lithuania faces a high rate of brain drain because of better quality education in the nearby countries.

There can be other reasons for such decline. If you want to know more on this topic, take time to read Insider Monkey’s Top 12 Countries With Declining Population which talks about this issue.