Which countries are the largest producers of hazelnut?


If you have noticed the presence of hazelnut in your everyday life, you must have wondered which countries are the largest producers of hazelnut.

Most commonly known because of its dominant existence as a core ingredient of the heavenly Nutella, Hazelnuts are actually very nutritious. It is full of vitamins, monounsaturated fat, manganese, protein and many other nutrients. That is why, this nut has found its place in many of our foods. Its oil can be used to cook food. You can put them in your food or you can make a sauce. You can also mix it with chocolate to make delicious spreads. The demand and supply trends of hazelnut are quite interesting. A single company, Ferrero SpA is currently consuming almost one-fourth of the global production. But it is understandable because this company produces Nutella and Ferrero Rocher.

The production requires specific environmental conditions and that is why there are certain countries which have created a name for themselves in hazelnut production. We can see that the almost the entirety of the production happens in the Asian, European or the North American countries. The interesting thing is that the top producers’ list consists of countries of different sizes because we have both China and Georgia. So, it is more of a geographical thing than a size thing. USA is dependent on a single valley in Oregon but manages to produce more than 40,000 tonnes. Italy, home country of Ferrero SpA, is increasing its production and currently produces around 110,000 tonnes. But at the top of the list, we have Turkey with an annual production volume of nearly 550,000 tonnes. That is more than two-third of the total production.

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