If you are worried about global warming and its impact on the world, you should know which countries can go underwater because of global warming.

Though many people try to deny global warming, it is undeniable that the environment is deteriorating. Every year we are observing harsher weather with summer temperature breaking past records. Sea water temperature has risen by 0.18 degree Fahrenheit in the past 100 years alone. This means the water is expanding and thus the sea level is rising rapidly. The last twenty years have seen a sea level rise of 0.13 inches, which is twice the rise during the previous eighty years. This rise will directly impact the low lying areas on the coast and it is estimated that almost 220 million people can lose their homes by the end of this century because those areas will go underwater. This ominous fate hangs on top of many island nations as people continue to live under the fear of loss of belonging, homestead and life. Papua New Guinea has already seen global warming refugees leaving their homes in the Carteret Island to move to the nearby Bougainville islands. The low-lying areas of Fiji, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, the Maldives and Philippines are in high risk as they are only a few meters above the sea level and any further increase in the height of sea water means water will start to flood localities, impact normal life and damage vegetation permanently. Even countries like Egypt and Bangladesh, which have lots of rivers, are in danger of losing land to the rising water level.

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