Which countries give death penalty for homosexuality?


To understand how much disparity this world is still going through, you need to know which countries give death penalty for homosexuality.

Even though homosexuality and LGBT rights are being slowly established in the progressive countries, there are other countries which still strongly oppose this concept. They will do whatever they seem necessary to ensure homosexuality stays a taboo in the country. LGBT activists may have created a few safe spaces around the world, but their rights are badly hurt in these conservative and oppressive countries. Not even international condemnation about this has managed to influence these governments to change the laws. There are more than 65 countries in the world right now where homosexuality is illegal and some of these even have provisions for the death penalty. The observed trend here is that all of the countries with death penalty clauses are governed following strict religious views. As all major religions have condemned homosexuality as “an act against nature”, the non-secular countries tend to show this aggressive behavior more.

Quite a few countries from the Middle East region are present in the list. The other big chunk of the list is formed by countries from Africa. Countries like Iran, Sudan and Yemen will let first and second time “offenders” go after prison term and lashing, but repeat ones may face death sentence or life imprisonment. Qatar is unique in the sense that they will give death sentences to Muslim homosexuals only, non-Muslim foreigners will be put into jail and later deported. A few countries even have horrible, archaic policies like death sentence by stoning.

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