Which countries have Pokémon Go available?


If you are a traveler and also a Pokémon Go maniac, you must have looked up which countries have Pokémon Go available. Pokémon has always been a sensation since the launch of the television cartoon series, but the hype reached a whole new level with the introduction of the game, Pokémon Go. And many countries now have this game available in their territories.

Niantic, the developer of the game, managed to capture many adults by realizing their childhood dream of being a Pokémon master. But they underestimated the demand and craze for the game as they faced issues with server capacity immediately after they launched the game initially to only three countries. The roll out has been expanded now, but a few countries have managed to stand out as the host of crazy Pokémon fans. On the other hand, a few governments have raised issues with the modality and symbols of the game as they considered the game to be capable of inciting social problems. Also, the craze has given businesses many profitable opportunities. Many have introduced special offers to Pokémon hunters to lure them to their businesses.

Based on data for daily usage of the Pokémon Go app, most of the active Pokémon Go players are from North America, Europe or Oceania. On top of the list we have Finland with almost an hour spent each day on average playing Pokémon Go.

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