Which Countries Have the Lowest Autism Rate?


Autism is a serious condition that every pregnant mother is afraid of when going to the regular ultrasound. The problem is that the autism can’t be spotted with the ultrasound and it is mostly captured when child is much older, which makes it even worse for parents. Some well developed countries managed to reduce the number of autistic children and we tried to find out which countries have the lowest autism rate and how did they managed to reduce it.

Since the word ‘autism’ is brought up, we already have a problem. First of all, no one can actually tell what the autism is. Although many doctors suggest that autism is too slow mental growth and, sometimes, no growth at all, there are also the ones that claim that autism is also not as much as disease, but the condition that affects mostly artists and talented people who, because of their greatness in other manners, are only in touch with their inner self.

The second problem that appears immediately is spotting the autism. Each patient has different symptoms and each of them is very hard to be found until the age of 2, at least. Most cases of recorded autism were spotted between the age of 2 and 17, and there is still no found cure for it. Two patients diagnosed with autism can have completely different symptoms, while it is also proven that two patients with very similar symptoms can end up with completely different diseases. Two way street.

The cause of autism is also still undefined. Autism is rarely a genetic disorder, and, although some mothers were accused of giving their children autism during pregnancy, this statement was also shut down because of the lack of evidence. Also, many mothers of autistic children were very careful during their pregnancy so there are no indicators that they did anything to harm their kids. There were also some claims for the last couple of years that the autism was actually caused by the regular vaccines, which lead to many parents refusing to allow doctors to put any needle in their child’s hand and save them from the diseases that they were made for preventing from. Since this statement was also found untrue, scientists from all over the world are still unsuccessfully looking for an answer.

So how did developed countries manage to reduce the number of autistic children? Click on the next link and you will be automatically transferred to Insider Monkey’s list of 12 developed countries with lowest autism rate where you will find all the needed answers.