Which countries have the most drones?


Which countries have the most drones? The first association to the word drone is a small device that flies in the air and records everything on the earth. This type of drone is very popular in recent times and many people see them as treat for privacy since everybody can buy it and record other people and their properties. Many of them use drones for recording some areas which are not accessible to them or simply recording from the air which is very expensive if you do that with the cameras. But except these types, there are more complexed military drones. So, these devices are mainly used for commercial and military purposes.

Except for entertainment, these devices have been used by big companies like Amazon. This was the first company that has started to use drones to deliver small packages to its customers. On the other hand, drones have many other uses like for gathering, surveillance, search and rescue. So, this is why of using drones in recent time surpasses the number used for the military. According to some estimations, in 2015 was sold more than million commercial drones. The military drones are more complexed and they are used for performing some attacks and destroying an enemy’s air defense. As we said, military drones are more complexed and their price can reach more than $10 million. Because of many great purposes, every country is trying to get more of these to help its defense to be more efficient.

Insider Monkey has a published very interesting article about this, called 5 Countries That Have the Most Drones. The 5th country on this list is France which has 23 military drones. 20 of them are produced by Sagem company, and they have the ability to stay in the air for 5 hours and send data from the distance of 90 miles. For more information, about the rest of drones in France and statistics for other countries from the list, click on the link above.