Which countries in the Americas are most affected with the Zika virus?


Which countries in the Americas are most affected with the Zika virus? Well, like most people, you have heard about Zika virus in the past year or two, because of the outbreak of Zika virus in Brazil in 2015. The virus itself was found and acknowledged more than 50 years ago, after what it was considered just a mild illness. But, the panic involving Zika virus began just after July 2015, when the scientists discovered the connection between the virus and serious diseases like Microcephaly (birth defect on a newborn’s head) and Guillain-Barré syndrome (nervous system disease). It is known that is transmitted by mosquito bite and also through sex and possibly through blood transfusion.

After these associations to these rare diseases, people started to think twice before traveling and trying to find out which are the countries that are affected with this virus and where the most cases occurred. Last year, the Brazil Olympic Games had serious problems with organizing the games, because of the fear of the Zika virus. A lot of athletes cancel their participation since a huge number of athletes, their families and audience would be at the same place at the same time which raises the chance of the virus spreading. You can imagine how strong the fear was, considering that the athletes who had trained about 4 years to compete in the Olympic Games, in the end, they had canceled participation.

If you are planning to travel to foreign countries in Americas or you are just curious which are the countries in Americas that have the most confirmed cases of Zika virus, you should check the Insider Monkey’s article Top 10 Countries with Zika Virus in The Americas. The Insider Monkey did a very good research and made the list about this problem where the last place belongs to Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, and for your own safety you should check out the rest of the list.