Which countries will help Philippines against China? A dispute between two countries is never pleasant. If you take into consideration that the one side in the dispute is a big powerful country like China and the other side is not so powerful country like Philippines, you know it is quite a conflict where the interference of other countries or international institutions is needed. China and Philippines’ dispute started with the situation in 1951 that was left after Japan renounced the territory in the South China Sea, as China instantly claimed the territory as its own, referring to Ming dynasty and Philippines claimed that the territory is theirs based on its position. This argument lasted for over half a century and it culminated in 2013 when Philippines brought an arbitrary case against China. In spite the fact that China refused to participate in the case, the tribunal ruled that they have the jurisdiction and ruled in favor of Philippines.

Of course, China declined to accept the tribunal’s ruling claiming that it was not justified. And China is a powerful country that has a strong friendship with a lot of countries because it helped numerous countries financially. If we add to that the fact that neither the United Nations or the International Court of Justice took a side or expressed an opinion, Philippine’s hands are pretty much tied. Because of that, Philippines have to ask help from each individual country.

If you haven’t exactly followed international politics and you want to find out a little bit more about this topic, you should read an article made by Insider Monkey 10 Countries That will Help Philippines Against China. At the last position on the list is Vietnam, which has a personal interest in the arbitration as it has an interest in the disputed territory. To check out the rest of this interesting list just click on the link above.