Which Countries Will Help Philippines Against China?


The tension between Philippines and China is rising more and more and if you wondered which countries will help the Philippines against China, you are in the right place. If the Philippines want to gain something from the current situation, they will need a little help from countries like Vietnam and Japan.

Both countries, China and the Philippines are arguing about a piece of territory for which they both believe is theirs by right. When Japan renounced the territory back in 1951, China claimed it belonged to them because of the Ming dynasty. One year later, China and the United States issued a declaration which was declaring the territory to China.

The Philippines, on the other hand, claimed they have the right to the territory because the territory is in proximity to their country. The Philippines brought an arbitration in 2013 which China refused to honor and even participate in it. Today, because China is much powerful country compared to the Philippines, they can do very little on their own. The United Nations and International Court refused to take a side in this situation and refused to even say their opinion.

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