Which countries will legalize weed next?


You should know which countries will legalize weed next to understand the changing scenario of the world.

Currently, cannabis is considered to be one of the worst narcotics. But administrations around the world have become more and more lenient about the production and trade of cannabis. The journey to legalization has been smoothed because of the medicinal benefits cannabis offers. It is found to be a balm post-chemotherapy and it also works well against cells, which have the possibility of becoming cancerous. It is in general a good painkiller. So, few countries have legalized medicinal use of marijuana. And in some other instances, possession has been decriminalized to some extent. Surprisingly, weed abuse and medical hazards have gone down after the legalization. This has encouraged more countries to take up steps to validate some sort of consumption of marijuana. Argentina has already legalized personal use, but further relaxation of laws are expected to come only after people protested publicly in favor of legalizing. Peru and Ecuador have also permitted people to carry a small amount. Switzerland currently allows marijuana production in private spaces, and it is expected that more deregulation will be done in the coming days. Portugal has decriminalized all drugs use back in 2001 but open carry, grow and transport of marijuana is still illegal. People are hopeful of further decriminalization in the country. The biggest change maker will be the United States of America. Even though marijuana is currently not legal officially, the different states have taken steps to normalize usage of marijuana. The current level of decriminalization is up to the use of medicinal marijuana. But laws are on the way which may liberate the consumption of recreational marijuana too.

A few countries are working to become the role models of sensible marijuana consumption. Insider Monkey’s 10 Countries that Will Legalize Weed Next will help you know about these countries more.