In order to better understand religiosity in people around the world, you should know which countries will see the largest growth in the Muslim population by 2050.

Islam is currently the quickest growing religion in the world. Out of the 7 billion people of this planet, more than 1.6 billion of them are Muslims. And the number is expected to grow quite quickly by 2050. This growth will happen because of the population growth rate within Muslim communities and also the median age. High rate of fertility means they will grow in number quicker than the followers of other religions and lower median age means the generations will last longer than others. By 2050, it is projected that India will become the country with the largest Muslim population and the now Christian-majority Nigeria will become a Muslim-majority country.

Even though the highest density in Muslim population is expected to continue to be in the Asia and Middle East region, a few countries around the globe will see a significant boom in their number of Muslim citizens. For example, Canada is expected to witness a 218% increase and that is not the highest. New Zealand will also see a 220% rise in the other corner of the world. A few African countries, such as Rwanda, Uganda and Malawi, will see a shift in their population dynamics. Among them, Rwanda may see a rise of almost 350%. But the most significant rise in Muslim population is expected to happen in Europe where Finland is expected to see a rise of 375% and the Czech Republic and Belarus will see a whopping 900% rise.

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