Which countries with compulsory military service rules are the strongest?


Often times you may have heard of conscription or mandatory military enlistment, and wondered which countries with compulsory military service rules are the strongest.

Even though the world has not seen a major war since the 40s, every country now prepares itself to prevent falling into any such situation. But continuing to hold huge army is also expensive. Compulsory military service policies tend to solve this problem by training the able-bodied men for battle and keeping them in reserves. Whenever there will be a possible threat to the state, these people can be called up for battle and you will know that they are trained for these situations. In some countries, this is done to teach young men about discipline, following leadership and professionalism too. There is a rise in criticism of the conscription policy lately. But whatever the reason or how much critics condemn, quite a few countries still have this rule where citizens of the country need to stay in the military for a specific period of time. Among these countries, only Israel forces both men and women to spend part of their life in the army. Female conscripts need to spend 2 year, whereas the male conscripts may end up serving the Israel Defense Forces for 3 whole years. Other countries are more benevolent and do not require women to join and men will serve for a period between 4 months (Taiwan) and 24 months (China, Columbia or South Korea).

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