Which Country Consumes the Most Fuel?


As much as the mankind make efforts to completely stop using fossil fuel and concentrate it on the use of the green, we are still reliant on the fuel products. As we already know that Germany is No.1 in producing the solar energy, and the State of Washington makes the most hydropower that it shares with the rest of the US, we wanted to find out which country consumes the most fuel.

We are all aware that fossil fuel isn’t renewable energy recourse, which means that, with this kind of unlimited exploration, it may soon disappear and we would be left without all the power if the mankind didn’t found the way to charge the energy resourced from the natural resources such as sun and water. But although we are all aware of this fact, not all of us are doing something about it and this way we allow the quick extinction of these resources.

While solar panels make a great deal to collect energy from the sun, it also has its disadvantages and those are: the price of installing solar panels and the second thing is the daylight, as some countries during the winter have about five or six hours of the sunlight per day. On the other hand, with hydropower plants, we can also use natural resources, but they are also expensive to install and kind of destroys flora and fauna of both forests and water surfaces.

It turned out that among all these resources, fossil fuel came as the cheapest, which is why it is used for everything from cars to heating.  But as any other energy resource, it also has its disadvantages, besides already mentioned extinction, and those are the pollution and destroy of the ozone layer. But there are still countries that don’t have enough conscience about this problem and therefore they rely on fuel too much and on the top of those countries is Kuwait with 94.2% of merchants export, and 101 billion barrels, while the crude oil production is about 2.8 million barrels per day. Besides Kuwait, do you know what the 10 countries most reliant on oil are?