Sexual activity is the big part of every relationship. This brings lots of perks, but do you know which country enjoys the least in sex? Believe it or not, Insider Monkey’s research team came across 10 countries like this.
As we said at the beginning, sex is the big part of every relationship. No matter how likable someone is, you won’t waste both yours and their time by being in the relationship where there isn’t attraction. First of all, the law of nature says that we are supposed to reproduce. This act isn’t negotiable if you can lie next to someone and don’t have the desire to rip off their clothes and spend the sensual night with them. What is the purpose of being married if all of your children are born just because it is supposed to be done this way? Or even worse, what is the purpose of marriage if there are neither love nor attraction nor children?
But there are countries whose citizens are not defeated, by don’t have enough sexual activity, at least not according to our standards. Some countries don’t allow that much sexual freedom like the US and the most countries in Europe do. Some countries are teaching their kids that sex is the shameless act and it has to be done only in a purpose of reproduction when you must. Someone would say that this is the too 18th century for them, but that is the reality for them. Some avoid sex because of the religion. Although all religions are up for reproducing, not many of them are recommending sexual activity as the relaxation activity. And some people are too much deep in their willingness to move forward in their careers that they don’t have time for sensibility or relationship at all.
Now, I will reveal the most surprising fact we came across during this study. You all know how France is romantic country, very sensual and focused on physical attraction? Well, think again. According to the studies, France has the birth rate of 12.4 and the average citizen has sex only 120 times per a year. 10 times per a month, not bad. But France has found its place on the list of 10 least sexually active countries in the world. France took the 10th place. Want to know who took the rest? Well, check out 10 least sexually active countries in the world and find out.