Which Country Has the Higher Suicide Rate than the US?


The problem of suicide seems to be increasing on a global level, which makes every effort to extinguish minimally. But even though the US has 52 states, there are much smaller countries that made their way on the top of the suicide level, even higher than the US. So which country has the higher suicide level than the US and what is the trigger that makes people take away their own life?

According to the research done by Insider Monkey’s team, there are several reasons why people are committing suicide and each one of them depends mostly on the age of the suicidal person. For the youngest and students, the most common reasons why they give up on their life’s is because of the bullying by their peers and the family that is falling apart. These seem to be the hardest things younger people can be dealing with, especially among teenagers, which is understandable, giving the circumstances and all the issues they have to deal every day in this period. For a bit older people, between the ages 20 and 30, the most frequent reason are the financial issues, whether that is pertaining to the debts or the lack of financial recourses in general.

But the line that came across in their research is that the most common reason for suicide, no matter the gender, age, or nationality, are the mental disorders, especially depression. This, in some way, explains the best the previous paragraph. Even though there is a solution to the problem of depression, many people who would be diagnosed with it are making great efforts to hide it to everyone which is why they miss getting the proper treatment. Instead of the therapy, they get under the ground.

Since this article is focused on the research specifically made by Insider Monkey, they also did a deeper research and compiled the list of 11 countries with the highest suicide rates in the world in 2016, so transfer to this link if you’d like to go deeper in their research.