During the last couple of years, the awareness of the disadvantage of smoking has risen. Still, there are many people out there who enjoy smoking; even if they know that it can cause them their life. So which country has the highest percentage of smokers?

All cigarette companies are obligated to have a note on their packs about all the risks of their products. Some of them even took a next step and even placed pictures showing damaged lungs, eyes, or even dead people.  Every parent out there would get a nervous breakdown if they’ve heard that their son became a smoker and wished that they rather came out from the closed as a proud member of the LGBT community instead. Yes, we all know the risks. But many people enjoy in smoking and they are not willing to stop, ever. Not just because of some addiction. Just to be clear, the non-even-one-cigarette-in-the-house scenario doesn’t show eating the furniture or throwing out things around the house. I admit that there are some serious nicotine addicts that become nervous and fight with everyone, but that isn’t always the case.

Smoking by itself is dangerous. It damages lungs, prostate, liver, kidneys, eyes, teeth, skin, basically every organ you have in your body. But so does the driving. Does that mean that you will stop driving immediately? And no, being a car passenger doesn’t count as a veto on driving.  I say, give people their choice, but explain all the risks and options. After that, if they refuse to stop smoking, leave them alone. It is their life and we all need to respect that. They are adults and they know how to think with their heads straight. They know that they are influencing pollution and that their habit not only does the harm to them but to every person for their surroundings.

Some countries managed to reduce the number of smokers, and, for example, the US nowadays has only 15.1 percentages of adults enjoying their daily smoke. On the other hand, there are some countries where about half of the entire population smokes and they don’t have the intention to stop with it. So what are 10 countries with the highest percentage of smokers?