There are plenty of ways to commit suicide, and even more known and unknown reasons to do it. While the people left behind the suicide person beat their heads over and over why their love ones committed suicide, whether it was their fault or not, were there any signs that could predict that action, and could they done anything to stop it, the truth is that there are very rear situations where this act is predictable. Every 16,2 minutes, someone kills himself, which means that during the time you will finish reading this article, at least one person will be found dead.

When something like this happens, people immediately rush to the family of the dead person to comfort them and see if there is anything they can help them with as well as to find out the reason why the dead person decided to take his or her own life. Since we live under the every day’s pressure and we are dealing with a lot of fights every day from financial issues, over diseases, to love problems, some people simply decide to give up. You may assume they are the weak ones, but on the other hand, would you be brave enough to look the death in the eye? I know I wouldn’t.

I remember when a few years ago, just a few days after my neighbor graduated from college with really high grades, he came back home from another city, left his stuff next to the railway and jumped in front of the train. His parents are well-known doctors with a high salary, he had a good legacy waiting for him, he was financially secured and graduated from his dream college, after which he had a job in his profession waiting for him. But he just decided to give up on his life and until today, no one figured out why.

The highest suicide rate is among young people. Statistics showed that approximately 160,000 people under the age of 25 commit suicide annually. Teens usually break under the pressure because of the teasing and molesting by their friends from high school, or are just different and feel like no one could understand them. That’s why every school in the world has their school therapist to whom kids can talk to in order to prevent bad consequences. And do you know which country has the highest suicidal rate in the world? If you don’t, read 10 countries with the highest youth suicidal rate in the world Insider Monkey prepared. The article is especially recommended for people with children. Look at those facts and save your angels.