Which Country Plays the Biggest Role in Tennis World?


The white sport seems to have the biggest role in the sport’s world. But which country plays the biggest role in the tennis world?

Tennis is a seasoning sport that has 2 to 4 players on a different field each time. You might think that field has nothing to do with income, but you are wrong. Each tennis player brings his best game on one field and the worse on another, and the top tennis players seem to have it all under their feet.
Since we already mentioned seasons, there is no tennis talking without mentioning those seasons and the biggest tennis tournaments in the world. Tennis year starts at the same time as the regular year, in January and it opens with the most famous tournaments of all – Australian Open in Melbourne. The second one, French Open in Paris, is taking the time to keep you company while you are preparing for summer vacation – May and June, but if you didn’t plan on summer travel this year, you will enjoy Wimbledon in June and July, and the US Open in August and September.

So, basically, during the almost whole year, you have a tournament to look forward to. But, besides the tournaments, do these countries where the tournaments are held have to offer to the white sports something more, like the best players, for example? Or they are fine being used only for space? Because, if not, how did they earn this honor? Definitely not with pretty faces.

Insider Monkey’s team did a little research on this topic and found 15 most successful countries in tennis. Of course, each of the countries where the tournaments are held found their place on it, but check it out either way, since there are 11 more to see.