To know and prepare better for the real world, you should know which dangerous serial killers did not get caught, despite doing atrocious things.

Single murders can happen unintentionally or in the spur of the moment. But a serial killer has a twisted mentality who is very calculated in choosing the victims. This vicious mental process may have been created because of bad things done to them in their own past or younger life, but it is still unjustifiable to take another person’s life because you felt bad. But unfortunately, the history is filled with such individuals.

We don’t even know how many serial killers have walked among us because the law enforcers initially could not even believe that a person can continue to murder people one after another. Once the investigation process was improved and help was taken from forensic evidence, many of these criminals have been apprehended. Still, a few have managed to slip through the nets of the law. These monsters were very organized in choosing their victims. Their favorite preys were innocent sex workers looking for a living or homeless people trying to survive in the harsh conditions. Often times, we have seen serial killers targeting people of specific features such as hair color, age, profession, gender, ethnicity, etc. Lack of substantial evidence stopped the police from apprehending the right culprit.

Among the most dangerous serial killers who are may be still alive and moving about in the free society, we have “The Rainbow Maniac” who shot the victims in the head, “The Highway of Tears” who killed innocent aboriginal women trying to avail a transport or “Stoneman” who killed homeless people with a heavy stone.

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