Which dyes in Minecraft are the easiest to make?


If you are a Minecraft player and plan to make your world more colorful with minimum effort, you must have thought which dyes in Minecraft are the easiest to make.

Minecraft, a sandbox game, gives players free reign of an open world and it offers everyone something they like. This ensured the game’s meteoric rise in popularity and currently it is the best-selling game in PC segment and the second best video game of all time. Over 106 million copies of the game have been sold already and more people are joining the game using various platforms.

A popular use of the game is to build enormous, complicated structures and landscapes. If you watch popular videos, you will see how much time and effort players give behind their creations. A crucial part of making just the perfect item is picking the right colors. Dyes are the items in Minecraft which are used to color different surfaces and create beautiful patterns. Primary and secondary dyes are the two types that you can use. But crafting the perfect color is often tricky because you may need to combine tough-to-get items. But primary dyes are easier to craft and have fewer pre-requisites and the required items are easy to find. Based on the difficulty level of crafting dyes, the five easiest to make dyes are ink sac (black), lapis lazuli (blue), bone meal (white), dandelion (yellow) and rose (red).

If you want to know how to craft these dyes, check out Insider Monkey’s 5 Easiest Dyes To Make in Minecraft for written and video tutorials on making those colors. After going through them, you can start making your own beautiful world.